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Oregano Pills - Potential Side Effects of Oregano Pills

Oregano is known for the taste and aroma it adds to many dishes, but the herb also has medicinal properties. Aside for its culinary uses, oregano exhibits antibacterial, antifungal, ant-parasitic and antiviral properties. Oregano herb supplements are sold in health food stores worldwide and you can get all the medicinal benefits in an easy to take pill form. The two key compounds found in the medicinal oregano are thymol and carvacrol. Oregano pills are a good alternative for those who do not like the taste of oil or oregano drops. The pills contain the same active compounds when bought from a reputable company.

Generally, oregano pills are taken twice a day with food and with a full glass of water. For intestinal parasites the dosage found to be effective in studies is 200 milligrams of oregano tablets three times a day for six weeks. Oregano pills work by supplying the active compounds to the body that may help with a variety of illnesses and conditions. Some conditions include treatment of intestinal parasites, sinus pain, allergies, arthritis, cold and flu, earaches and yeast infections. Oregano supplements also contain antioxidant properties, which help fight against the free radicals that damage cells and lead to premature aging and other age-related diseases and conditions.

As with other medication and supplements there are some side effects reported with the use of oregano pills. These are mild and include headaches, dizziness, fatigue and stomach upset. In some case, the effects lessen or go away with use. To help prevent side effects, it is best to start with a smaller does to see how you react to the oregano herb. Pregnant and nursing women should not use supplement, unless they have a doctor’s approval. It is unknown how the pills will affect women and the unborn children.

Oregano pills are known to interact with lithium and can inhibit the absorption of iron. If you are taking lithium discuss the oregano with your doctor. He may adjust your lithium dosage or recommend not taking the supplement. Since oregano is known to inhibit iron absorption, anyone taking iron or with iron deficiency anemia should also discuss this supplement with his doctor to ensure its safety. Studies indicate that oregano is safe for children. However, you should first determine whether the child has any allergies to other spices, as they may be an indicator of an allergic reaction to oregano as well.